WSO Radiation Graph- Probe Currently Configured to Detect Gross Alpha-Beta-Gamma Radiation -
Chart refreshes every 5 minutes.

What Does This Mean?

EPA's RadNet Monitoring Data

Radiation monitoring at the observatory provides:

1) Exposure to firsthand radiation monitoring science.
2) A reliable, independant reference for background radiation present in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area.

While some may see the primary cause of concern for monitoring to be the presence of Comanche Peak 1 and 2 reactors located 49 miles to the south-west of the observatory, it is important to note that Texas has a high concentration of coal-fired power plants, which also release radiation into the air. And this is not to mention radiation from space and radiation from minerals around us. In addition, Uranium mines are located to the west of this local area?

This information is provided simply as such, data and a very small introduction. Abundant resources for radiation monitoring await the curious, just a mouse-click away. Please draw any personal conclusions from a wide-range of scientifically reliable resources.

"Science is an enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations
and predictions about the world."


Radiation Monitor: Eberline RM-19
Detector Probe: LND 723 End Window alpha-beta-gamma detector probe