WSO USB Computer Controlled Electric Focuser

A Computer Controlled Electric Focuser for the Astro-Tech AT80ED APO 80mm Telescope
- Designed and Built at Watauga Skies Observatory -

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  • Uses precision stepper motor to precisely move focuser's 10:1 focus knob
  • Approximately 11 times faster than Orion Eletric Focuser!
  • Plugs into computer's USB port, controlled by software (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7)
  • Low profile, motor placed out of the way, in front of focus knobs
  • Smaller than Orion Electric Focuser, 1 3/4" vs. 4" length, motor + shaft
  • High Precision - 1.8 degrees per motor step command
  • Jump to new focus position - Enter desired position in the "Jump to Position" window
  • Fast! 3/8" focus tube movement in just over 10 seconds at high speed setting
  • Settings | Toggle - controls whether software window stays on top of other windows or not
  • Settings | Limit - user can set maximum focus tube excursion limit for scope being used

WSO USB Computer Controlled Focuser

WSO USB Focus Control Window