Observatory - North side view
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The Observatory

Watauga Skies Observatory (WSO) is located in Watauga, Texas, a small community northeast of Fort Worth, Texas. The name is from the Cherokee Indians who first settled Watauga, meaning "village of many springs." History and information for Watauga can be found by Clicking Here

Light pollution is high in the area, but a telescope and sensitive astronomy cameras capture pictures of many of the virtually infinite wonders in the heavens above. All pictures on this website are taken from Watauga unless otherwise noted.

WSO is a 10' x 15' SkyShed design. The observatory is divided into two areas:

  • Scope Area - 10' x 10'
  • Control Room - 5' x 10'
Construction of the Observatory began on December 1, 2006, and was completed almost three months later, on February 22, 2007.

A Detailed Construction photo log with comments can be viewed here:

- WSO Construction Log -

Observatory - West side view
Yes, the Petunias Are Real!
Note the AllSky Camera mounted on the corner by the right window. See the AllSky Camera link on the menu for more information. The vegetation surrounding the observatory is a mix of honeysuckle and Virginia Creeper. A large butterfly garden resides to the left, behind the runners for the roll-off roof. Honeysuckle also lines the fence, and the heavenly scent fills the observatory in spring and early summer nights, making this one of my favorite times to be out in the obs!
Observatory - Scope Area
The Scope Area - The 10' x 10' area provides more than ample room for the LX90 and AT80ED scope riding on the LX90. The large control room window is visible too. The Dallas/Fort Worth weather provides interesting contrasts in weather, very hot in the summers, yet reasonably cold at times in the winter. In August, temps are often in the 90's just before midnight, and mosquitos in the area carry West Nile virus. Winter temps can get down to into the teen's. The control room offers a nice home for the powerful computer dedicated to the AllSky camera too. After spending years of many nights out in the extremes of weather, the control room is a welcomed and worthwhile area, with a great view and convenient remote control of the always nearby scopes.